The best way to make yourself a stronger reader is by reading daily! Reading should be a part of your daily routine where you have time set aside to read for enjoyment. It is important to talk with your family, friends, and teachers about what you are reading and what you think about the book.

Reading is Thinking! Metacognition means thinking about reading. We use strategies to monitor our thinking about what we are reading. When reading at home, it is important for parents to ask their child to tell you about what s/he is reading. This aids our children to become stronger readers who are aware of their learning. It also prepares them to be able to discuss texts in a deeper meaning.

Reading Strategies
Inferring: Asking questions as I read helps me draw conclusions, make predictions, and reflect on my reading.
Connecting: Readers use their knowledge and experiences to understand what they read.
Questioning: Good readers ask questions and look for answers before they read, while they read, and after reading.
Visualizing: Readers create pictures and movies in their mind as they read. Visualizing can come from what the author has told you and what the illustrator is showing you.
Determining Importance: Good readers understand what the author’s message is and the main ideas of the text.
Synthesizing: Readers can take what they already know and combine it with information from the text to create a new thought.
Graphic Organizers