Science surrounds our lives! We use our senses to observe, which leads us to questions and inquires about science. Scientists use a process to explore their questions and inquires. The following steps will be used by our four grade scientists throughout the year.

1. Observe: What do you notice? (see, hear, smell, feel, and taste)
2. Question: What questions do you have during and after your observations?
3. Hypothesis: Make an educated guess that correlates to your questions.
4. Test with an Experiment: List the materials you will need to complete the experiment and the steps to be followed to complete the task.
5.Data Collection/Data Analysis: Write observations for what you notice. Then analyze the data or results to look for common information to answer the original question.
6. Conclusion: The answer to the original question is stated along with the statement of whether your hypothesis was correct or incorrect. Remember to include evidence from the experiment.

4th Grade Science Topics
  • Electrical Circuits and Electromagnetism
  • Force and Motion
  • Ecosystems
  • Water Cycle