The students will be given homework Monday through Thursday. Homework should take no longer than 40 minutes a night. It needs to be completed neatly in pencil; unless otherwise specified in the directions. The student's name, student's classroom number, and date need to be on top of the paper.

Every Wednesday the students will receive a blank Weekly Reading Log (WRL) and are expected to read at least 140 minutes each week. They will need to record the book s/he read and the length of time on the WRL. The completed WRL needs to be returned the following Wednesday. In order for the WRL to be considered complete, it needs to be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian.

Weekly Reading Log Copy

Study Guide

Parent Letters - Investigation Units of Study

Homework for the week of May 21, 2018
WRL is due on Wednesdays.
Multiplication Fact Sheet is due on Fridays.

Monday:No School

Tuesday:No School

Wednesday: Reading - WRL for 20 Minutes
Math - Page 489

Thursday:Reading - WRL for 20 Minutes
Math - Page 498

Friday: Reading - WRL for 20 Minutes